Michael Cuomo is an award-winning American interdisciplinary artist whose areas of expression include painting, drawing, abstract illustration, and sculpture assemblage using repurposed materials. His work often focuses on creating art forms which he feels reflect the multi-dimensional nature of man and expanding beyond human consciousness through a creative mind.Using colors and forms to represent spiritual qualities, he chooses to paint the unknown and allow the paintings to reveal themselves. His primary focus is to always be becoming and being transparent in the process.

Born in 1974 in The Bronx, New York, Michael began his journey as an artist in 2002 when awakening a latent artistic talent for abstract design while coloring with crayons and oil pastels. He immersed himself in his new found calling which also served him as a tool for psychic and emotional therapy. In 2003 he began painting, actively engaging himself in various methods and techniques both instinct full and shared with by other artist, while honing his own natural talents and formalizing his own vision for self-expression. This has led to the creation of unique art forms and collections across a vast spectrum of traditional and unconventional mediums

Michael’s work is distinguished by various collections, including “The Heads of State”, modern tribal spirit totem wall masks inspired by African and Native American Art that began in 2008. He saw how raw materials could be transformed into artwork and could become powerful expressions of today's world. By using  discarded materials left for waste, he found purpose in bringing  objects never thought to mix as one expression of new life and meaning.
   In 2013 “ The Garbage Gods”, were created as an expansion from making mask to full body standing humanoid or animal like creatures. 

Michael is also an early member (2010) of the “InstaFame Phantom Art” (IFPA) movement, which uses the principles of “4th Dimensional Art” and “Mobile Graffiti” to revitalize the presentation of urban art. His IFPA exhibitions have included dozens of works which range through 4 different series of style, including the latest collection he calls “Manifestations” 2015-16. 

Michael is heavily engaged in community projects that promote the arts, including teaching seniors drawing and painting since 2010 . He also is involved with art workshops for children with non-for profit organizations and public schools. His passion for teaching is derived from his own personal relationship with the healing properties that can be gained from expressing oneself through art. He believes everyone has a unique visual expression which can be drawn out through persistent practice and patience. 
His long term goal is to found a center for creative projects and art exhibitions which inspire people to live a creative life.